If you read a couple blogs back I mentioned starting a "basics" collection of simple things to use daily, or basic fun things to cheer up life!!!!! Welllll two items are finally finished... Ill be taking the valentines items down soon and putting them in the store section until they are purchased. In the meantime though ill be puting up some basic things for you all to enjoy :) Toodles for now darlings!
Vicki Brothers
2/16/2011 19:28:49

Veronica!!!! Oh my gosh! You are incredibly talented!! I love all of your designs. I am having trouble picking what I want to order! Keep up the good work. Tell your family hi and we love them! Love you Girly!

2/17/2011 19:32:55

Vicki :) :) Awwe thank you so much!!!
Take your time ;) please tell everyone up there i said hi too, i really miss you guys! im hoping to be able to visit this summmer... i love you too gurl <3


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