This is an awesome opportunity for those of you that love giveaways (MOMS ESPECIALLY) to take part in  one of the biggest blog giveaways there are out there! go check out this link for more details.

I have the chance to be a sponsor for this event which means if you win ill be sending you some awesome goodies including an adult beanie color of your choice!!! Please go check it out and enter to win :) toodles for now loovies!
I've sold my first palm pal :) Thanks to an amazing customer for adopting it so quickly. This means ill be taking it off the market just in case you wonder why you cant see it in the store. No worry's though ill be working on another asap :)

Let me know if you have any ideas for a palm pal you'd like to see in the store!!! Tooodles
Someone let me know that my pictures weren't showing up for the Basics collection :) Soo i finally got around to figuring out the problem. You can now see what the product actually looks like (sorry about that) Have fun and enjoy! Toodles
Just recently i had a conversation with a close friend about Etsy. She had never heard of it before and i was explaining how addicted I've become to it :) Never before have i been so attracted to online shopping until i stumbled upon this little gold mine called ETSY!!! To those of you who don't know what Etsy is either i highly recommend checking it out and purchasing from the wonderful sellers, and the amazing products they have to offer!!! I will post below a couple links to some of my all time favorite products.

1. !!!DEODORANT!!! I never realized what a difference aluminum free deodorant made until i found the perfect one on ****NONE OTHER THAN.... ETSY*** here is a link to an amazing seller named Karly who just has the most outstanding peppermint deodorant ever (i already have most of my family hooked!)  http://www.etsy.com/shop/iKarly

2. Candles :) I am a candle fanatic hehehe, and so far ive found two amazing sellers who are kind and extremely generous. The first seller *melanie* has amazing lotion bars and soaps also!!! Try them out if you can. my favorite candle from her page is called pink sugar, and my favorite lotion bar is called passionate kisses. http://www.etsy.com/shop/serenitysoapworkstx

My other favorite candles and tarts (which are super cute by the way) are made with soy wax which is better for you and the environment come from the one and only dolly rocker candles :P her votive's are out of this world awesome!

3. Body scrubs. These little lumps of pure lovliness are definitely a treat for me!!! They are little sugar cubes which are the most amazing body scrub ive ever tried! My favorite scents so far are mint mojito and love spell! Here is her link

i could just go on and on with all of my favorite sellers so ill just list the products and the link on the side! Believe me im in loooove with them all :)

Shampoo: http://www.etsy.com/shop/GudonyaToo
Eyeshadows: http://www.etsy.com/shop/mrsevils
Face Wash: http://www.etsy.com/people/herbolution

Please go check these amazing sellers out and give them a try :) you'll be glad you did!!! Let me know what you think, and if you have any favorite Etsy sellers let me know in the comment section below :) Tooodles
If you read a couple blogs back I mentioned starting a "basics" collection of simple things to use daily, or basic fun things to cheer up life!!!!! Welllll two items are finally finished... Ill be taking the valentines items down soon and putting them in the store section until they are purchased. In the meantime though ill be puting up some basic things for you all to enjoy :) Toodles for now darlings!
Ive been wanting to have an actual blog where i could focus more on just life ect. soooo i finally do :) If you want to come check it out im putting the link below :) So now this blog here will be dedicated only to the store and my


I havent been able to figure out how to set up coupon codes here so i set up shop in etsy for you all to have a valentines sale :) for all my blogin lovies i've set up a 20% off coupon code!!! Just type in 1VAL11 in the checkout section to get 20% off your order including my valentine's items! come check it out at  Thanx everyone :)



Hello Loviess! So after having the funnest time making monkey hats for my friend, I couldnt get over the idea of how cute it looked having a monkey on my head.
So this morning when my niece Hannah woke up I saw the cutest panda on her footie pj's and decided i wanted to make a panda hat as well, soo after playing around some i think ive come up with a new dezign :) Ill be posting some pictures up as soon as i can.

I need to stop being so distracted though *_* I barely get any sleep nowadays, It seems as though im tired throughout the day and extremely awake at night... I think i got to bed at around 4 this morning. Geesh.... Pandas or no pandas im hoping to catch some z'ss tonight jejeje, do you guys ever struggle with this, or is it just me???
Let me know :) Well toodles for now my friends!

go check out my friends blog :)hereee
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If you read the post below you will see that i posted a link to the blog of a friend, Please go check it out and read about Team E.L.I (every life inspires) ... I've put a box on the sidebar as well to help out The charity if you have an opportunity please consider helping out this wonderful project! Below ive posted some more info from her blog :P please check it out! Thanks everyone!

ELI (Every Life Inspires)

“Thine eyes did see my substance being yet unperfect, and in thy book all my members were written, which in continuance were fashioned, when as yet there was none of them.” (Psalm 139:16)

God has a special plan for each one of us before we are born. Some people live long lives to fulfill God’s plan, while others live only moments. Eli McGinley is one of those who lived only a few days but has made a huge impact on the world around him. He was born August 3 in Little Rock, Ark., with his twin brother Walker and passed away 5 days later on August 8. 

        Eli was born with spina bifida, a neural tube defect. His parents, Jesse and Jodie, allowed his birth to be videotaped for a documentary on raising a child with spina bifida. Although they never expected their son to be taken by his heavenly father so soon, they knew it was a part of God’s plan. The couple wants Eli’s life to touch many other families. They have donated his organs so that other children can live. The couple has also requested that loved ones donate to the unfinished video project that will now be named  E.L.I. (Every Life Inspires).

        The goal of the video is to be a source of comfort to families expecting a child with spina bifida. As the McGinley’s know, there are a lot of questions and anxiety that come with the pre-natal diagnosis. They hope their story, as well as the stories of other Arkansans touched by spina bifida will provide strength, comfort and hope to expecting parents.

Hello Loves :) just yesterday i found the cutest fad of sock monkeys from a sweet friend (go check out her blog its ahh-mazing!) http://mcginleybabyjourney.blogspot.com/  And we were talking about them when she asked me if i knew how to make sock monkey hats, well she sent me a link and My mom and I played around with it and came up with this ;) Im not sure i want to put them up for sale yet but if your interested in one let me know!

But getting away from that for a moment i wanted to just let you guys know that writing this blog has been almost like therapy to me. Although i know i havent written much, just knowing i have somewhere to write what i think has been nice :) i hope that this "blog" spot on my site can be a place where people can share their thoughts and feeling about well whatever i guess :P to be honest the sock monkey convo brought me a moment of clarity, i began thinking to myself "if someone can be so content with something as simple as a stuffed sock shaped like a monkey then why cant i be content with the many other things i have in my life."

So after coming to this realization ive decided to go back to the basics :) i'm thinking about starting a collection on just that! When valentines passes i'll start a "Basics" Collection on items i think bring us closer to realizing how happy we can be with basic doodahs :) well i suppose ill stop blabbering now and be off jajaja TOODLES :) stay safe....