Hello Loviess! So after having the funnest time making monkey hats for my friend, I couldnt get over the idea of how cute it looked having a monkey on my head.
So this morning when my niece Hannah woke up I saw the cutest panda on her footie pj's and decided i wanted to make a panda hat as well, soo after playing around some i think ive come up with a new dezign :) Ill be posting some pictures up as soon as i can.

I need to stop being so distracted though *_* I barely get any sleep nowadays, It seems as though im tired throughout the day and extremely awake at night... I think i got to bed at around 4 this morning. Geesh.... Pandas or no pandas im hoping to catch some z'ss tonight jejeje, do you guys ever struggle with this, or is it just me???
Let me know :) Well toodles for now my friends!

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