Sock monkeys 02/10/2011
Hello Loves :) just yesterday i found the cutest fad of sock monkeys from a sweet friend (go check out her blog its ahh-mazing!)  And we were talking about them when she asked me if i knew how to make sock monkey hats, well she sent me a link and My mom and I played around with it and came up with this ;) Im not sure i want to put them up for sale yet but if your interested in one let me know!

But getting away from that for a moment i wanted to just let you guys know that writing this blog has been almost like therapy to me. Although i know i havent written much, just knowing i have somewhere to write what i think has been nice :) i hope that this "blog" spot on my site can be a place where people can share their thoughts and feeling about well whatever i guess :P to be honest the sock monkey convo brought me a moment of clarity, i began thinking to myself "if someone can be so content with something as simple as a stuffed sock shaped like a monkey then why cant i be content with the many other things i have in my life."

So after coming to this realization ive decided to go back to the basics :) i'm thinking about starting a collection on just that! When valentines passes i'll start a "Basics" Collection on items i think bring us closer to realizing how happy we can be with basic doodahs :) well i suppose ill stop blabbering now and be off jajaja TOODLES :) stay safe....